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The other realm
A personal blog by Margi Prideaux. Insights and comments on the impact of contemporary politics on the other species of this planet. Giving voice to the lives of wildlife around the world.


March 2010

Southern right whale calves are dying off Argentina’s Peninsula Valdes:
Critical dolphin and porpoise habitat in the Sundarbans and Swatch of No-Ground of Bangladesh :
Future of BC orca grim if they have to weather another spill :
When a polar bear rug is a slap in the face of species conservation
Honoring the Susu: the elusive Ganges River dolphin
WDCS says: Ludicrous EU ‘voting’ system strips the rights of Europe’s citizens to oppose whale hunts :

February 2010
The sale of ivory, or the sale of elephants? :

January 2010
The Impossible Hamster :
Who cares for the fate of the tiger? :
After Copenhagan Earthcast from Earthscan :
Ganges River Dolphin Declared India’s National Aquatic Animal :
Dolphins are ‘persons’ :
Timor oil spill: Prevented – maybe? Impact – definitely! :

December 2009

November 2009


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