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Beyond Cosmic Dice: Moral Life in a Random World

November 29, 2010

by Jeff Schweitzer and Giuseppe Notarbartolo-Di-Sciara

I am ashamed to admit how long it took me to clear the space to read this book, but once opened I went through to the end in one sitting. It is brilliant.

If you treat yourself with just one thought provoking read for the season break, please make it this one.

From the book promotion material: The very foundation of our moral code is fundamentally flawed. The current code of ethics predominant in modern societies, shaped largely by divine command theory, is based on false promises of eternal salvation or threats of damnation, not on a morality inherent to the human condition. As a result, a moral vacuum has developed, creating a society with deeply-rooted destructive behavioral maladaptations. … Human beings are not inevitable, and our brief existence is not preordained to be extended into the distant future. If Homo sapiens is to have a continued presence on earth, humankind will reevaluate its sense of place in the world and modify its strong species-centric stewardship of the planet. Our collective concepts of morality and ethics have a direct impact on our species’ ultimate fate.

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