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New book: OCEANS, Threats to the Sea and What You Can Do To Turn the Tide

April 6, 2010

OCEANS, Threats to the Sea and What You Can Do To Turn the Tide, by writer and filmmaker Jon Bowermaster, is a new companion book to the new Jacques Perrin/Disney Nature film of the same name (OCEANS).

The book is an anthology of essays by thirty of the most intriguing ocean thinkers and doers out there – including Sylvia Earl, Carl Safina, Naomi Rose, Alexandra Cousteau and Callum Roberts –  and will be released officially on Earth Day – 22nd April.

Describing the book in his blog, Bowermaster says:

Who isn’t made blissful sitting at water’s edge staring at the horizon, hypnotized by that delicate, nearly imperceptible-yet-somehow-distinct line where blue meets blue? Who among us doesn’t count those solitary, sun-washed moments – whether afloat on a boat or feet dug deep into the sand — as among the favorites of a lifetime?

… Put me on the edge, on or in the ocean at sunrise, sunset, under a blazing midday sun or even a small storm and I am content. For the past twenty years I’ve managed just that countless times. A wide variety of explorations have given me a unique perspective on both the health of the ocean and the lives of people who depend on it, a meandering route leading me from remote Bering Sea and Pacific islands, down the coasts of Vietnam and all of South America, around the various seas that surround Europe, parallel long sandy beaches in Gabon and India and rocky ones in Croatia, Tasmania and Kamchatka. At each stop I have spent time with the people whose days are most defined and shaped by the ocean.

Its worth a look.

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