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Beyond Cosmic Dice: Moral Life in a Random World
by Jeff Schweitzer and Giuseppe Notarbartolo-Di-Sciara
Humans are special, not because we are made in god\'s image, and commanded by the Bible to rule over the earth, but because we have the amazing ability to choose a future in which we thrive and develop in a just society while coexisting with a healthy natural world.

Gone for a bit

February 22, 2011

I am gone from this blog for a short period of time, while I get on top of work committments again. I’ll be back soon.

Thanks for your ongoing support everyone.

Wendy Carlisle: Evidence destroyed (Timor Sea Oil Spill)

December 4, 2010

I highly recommend that anyone interested in the impact of oil spills reads Wendy Carlisle’s article on The Drum – Evidence destroyed: the luckiest oil spill – detailing the tragic mismanagement and shameful response by the Australian Government to the Timor Sea Oil Spill.

From Carlisle’s article:

Borthwick [Head of the Inquiry] did not conclude the environmental damage was minimal.

“It is unlikely that the full impact of the blowout will ever be known. This reflects the vast and remote area affected by the spill; the absence of solid reliable baseline data on species and ecosystems, and the slow response in putting together a monitoring plan.”

The crime scene had been destroyed, by time, by wind and by the seas.

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Beyond Cosmic Dice: Moral Life in a Random World

November 29, 2010

by Jeff Schweitzer and Giuseppe Notarbartolo-Di-Sciara

I am ashamed to admit how long it took me to clear the space to read this book, but once opened I went through to the end in one sitting. It is brilliant.

If you treat yourself with just one thought provoking read for the season break, please make it this one.

From the book promotion material: The very foundation of our moral code is fundamentally flawed. The current code of ethics predominant in modern societies, shaped largely by divine command theory, is based on false promises of eternal salvation or threats of damnation, not on a morality inherent to the human condition. Read more…

Timor Sea oil spill inquiry: no research, no findings, no responsibility

November 26, 2010
The Timor Oil Spill was this issue that prompted me to start the blog. Its been an interesting writing journey for his past year, and this post marks an important moment to say thankyou for the growing group of readers who regularly visit and read. You have my gratitude for listening.
This article has just been posted on Crikey: November 26, 2010 – 4:49 pm
“Following a period of detailed consideration the Government has today released the Report of the Montara Commission of Inquiry and a draft Government response” says this week’s press release from Martin Ferguson’s office, “…the impact on the marine environment was minimal. … We can’t just turn our backs on this industry — it is too important to Australia’s economic and energy security.”
The Cruppled Heap of the Monatara Oil Rig: unknown photographer - published on SkyTruthThe Montara (Timor Sea) oil spill was amongst the worst in Australia’s history, with what the industry euphemistically call “an uncontrolled release of oil, gas and condensate” between August 21 – November 3 2009 within the Australian waters of the Timor Sea.

Despite early statements by the then Minister for Environment, Peter Garrett, that the spill would have negligible impact, they eventually admitted that their previous estimations of impact may have been undercooked, and that plans, technologies and processes companies must have place to respond to this type of spill are now subject to greater scrutiny. To their credit, the Government did establish the Montara Commission of Inquiry to investigate and identify the circumstances of the spill and to assess and report on the environmental impacts.  However, they didn’t move to this position without a push from the Greens.

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Kristina Gjerde: Making law on the high seas

November 23, 2010

Kristina Gjerde studies the law of the high seas — the 64 percent of our ocean that isn’t protected by any national law at all. Gorgeous photos show the hidden worlds that Gjerde and other lawyers are working to protect from trawling and trash-dumping, through smart policymaking and a healthy dose of PR.

Day 1 and 2 of the Tiger Summit dominated by calls for funds

November 23, 2010

Tiger: photographer - Vivek R. Sinha-WWF As day one and two of the St. Petersburg Tiger Summit pass the dominant media coverage  is focusing on how large the budget needs to be to save the worlds tigers.

Although ‘political will’ has been lacking within the 13 tiger range States, it is the economics of the tiger problem that has pushed these iconic animals close to extinction –  economics of resources to stamp out poaching and the incredible profits that can be made in selling tiger parts through the black market.

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Upcoming Webinars on Climate Change

November 22, 2010

30-Minute Webinar on the Latest Scientific Analysis of Copenhagen Accord Pledges Relative to Climate Goals


Climate change negotiations 2010, Cancun

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